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Subject:  Audio Trade Room
I would like to very respectfully ask why some one does not let Al know about all the microphone noise. It is unbelievably irritating, one pays good hard earned money for the trade room and they just don't expect such a thing. Its not a rare occurrence, it goes on all day, sometimes so loud that i need to turn my speakers down and up all day. I truly mean no disrespect, I love his work, but please have him listen for a day and I think he will through the mic out the window. :shock:

Thank you so much for listening,

Yeah I have to agree, the mic quality could be better. You aren't being disrespectful. That's a legitimate area where service could be improved. I'm in and out of his webinars, not in this month yet, but I have thought his mic quality wasn't very good as well.

My recommendation would be this:


(fantastic audio quality w/ music too!)

I don't think he really reads these forums too closely though.

But yeah, this is a job of his and he produces videos and video courses. High quality engineered headphones are a good investment for that.

Good choice. I like Sennheiser in general.

Yup, cal_trader knows what's going on. High quality German engineering and crystal clear voice clarity. :P They have noise cancellation on the outside of the mic so it'd be harder for webinar members to hear other noises coming from his room and etc. Also, they are open ear headphones so there is good ventilation and you can still hear people talking to you in the room without having to take them off. Just push the mic up and it auto-mutes if you need to speak to someone around you or if you just want to be muted.

That's what I would use if I did webinars because Sennheiser is top notch.

Okay I'm gonna shut up and stop being a salesman now. :D

Agreed, I have a pair of Sennheiser's and they are great, the audio quality is extra primo.

Subject:  Re: Audio Trade Room
I've mentioned this to Al. He said he may look into a blue tooth. He also mentioned his voice gets tired talking throughout the day, sometimes is standing up and mic gets moved around.

Subject:  Re: Audio Trade Room
I also agree. Especially for those who are not native English speakers. For me it is very difficult to understand with this quality. If Al could look for some solution that would be great.


Subject:  Re: Audio Trade Room
Is Al speaking? I could not hear anything.

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