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Subject:  Messages for Al
Feel free to leave messages for Al here
where he can read them at his leisure.


(No trading discussions, please!)

Best of luck to you Al. Thank you for sharing so much information, and so much of your time with all of us.

Thanks for all the help Al. I hope everything works out great.

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Thank you Al for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I happened to come across your books by someone who recommended it on Forex Factory. I really appreciate the depth of insight that you have with regards to the market.
I am slowly getting through the course. I know by getting through the books and the course I will be a better trader because of it.

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Hi Al,

Thank you for all your amazing help and insight.

My prayers are with you and we should only hear good news,

Hi Al,

Thank you for taking the time to do these webinars and answering all of our questions. Best of luck to you!

Al, like everyone else, thanks for the teachings. Also I want to add that you are leaving a legacy that will be archived for years and years after you finally retire. The young hotshot new traders who don't quite understand trading but want to make easy money from their pajamas will inevitably lose and wonder why. Maybe they'll try a bunch of stochastics and various indicators or red light/green light trading systems, still lose money, and wonder why.

Some will find their way to your resources and start a humbling journey. They'll see the "simplicity" of it and some might dismiss it. Some may learn it and realize that just because it's "simple" in a way doesn't mean it is by any means easy.

Finally, maybe a few of those people will become consistent and finally become humbled by it like you are. They'll become fascinated by it and respectful of being the way it takes to constantly hold an edge to the market day after day. And they'll thank you so much for helping them in their journey, toward that direction. Kids right now who don't even know they'll do trading will thank you in the future. I know it.

Hope all is well and if you need to cut back to bring some balance to your life then do so with full happiness. We already have a HUGE archive of you speaking through trading days throughout the years. And I also wish you the best with your final video course.

Thanks again Al.

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Hi Al

I am not a regular poster here but have been following you from the beginning pretty much.

Firstly, I wish you all the very best with whatever medical issues you face. I know from experience that remaining positive and staying mentally strong are two key ingredients for success and it comforts me to know that you have both in abundance.

Secondly, with regard to trading, I simply cannot thank you enough. I am probably one of the many who struggled with searching for the holy grail and looking for the perfect trade(s) until I came across your methods via this website and your first book. I knew from the beginning that you spoke the truth about the markets and it took me five long years to really understand and appreciate the mindset required to trade successfully and that reading price action was the easy part (its all in the trade management)

I know how consistent you have been in your advice over those years and cannot thank you enough for sharing this knowledge with us via the webinars, books, courses etc. You have great integrity sir, and I hope you remain trading and staying healthy for many many more years.

All the best

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Al, the learning from you, within less than a month, surpasses all I had ever learned about trading, in over 25 years from countless books and seminars.

Thanks for repeatedly reminding us in your webinars about the constant tussle between the bull programs and the bear programs and how to trade with it. Thanks with all my gratitude!

Best Wishes for a Very Good Health, Always! Health is Wealth!

Incidentally, for whatever it is worth, I feel like in the best shape of my life, with enough energy for 3 hour hikes etc., since I switched to a Ketogenic Diet about 2 years back. It got rid of all my medical issues related to diabetes, heart diseases etc. and gave me an overabundance of energy.

Geoffrey Hill
I'm new here but want to send my best wishes and express thanks for everything you give and do here. Yours is a wonderful learning resource that I don't believe anyone else can match. So thank you deeply, and sending best wishes and thoughts from the opposite side of the world!


Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Thank you so much for your teachings Al. I have learned a lot from your webinars. I sincerely appreciate your effort in educating the traders.

Your's is the best trading webinar out there. You are the most honest person I come across in the trading community. Every day I look forward to your trading insight.

I sincerely hope everything works out great and hear the good news again. Best of luck to you.

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Wishing you the best Al!

I appreciate your commitment to raising the bar on becoming a master trader and understanding the art of trading!



Best Wishes, Al. Take care.


Subject:  Re: Messages for Al

Thank you for your discipline, guidance and wisdom. May you have strength and a speedy recovery. See you in the trading room.


I am sending you my warm greetings, Al. Wish you all the best!

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al

Your knowledge and dedication to teaching me how to trade has transformed my life for the better. I will never be able to repay the favor as you've done so much for me. Thank you for your perserverance and selfless desire to assist other traders.

I wish you best of luck and good health,

pro driver
Subject:  Re: Update on Webinar and Al (3-20)
Thank you very much for your help Al !! You have been given a very powerful gift and have decided to share it. There's not many people who have the ability to change peoples lives . I believe thanks to you you will help me to change mine. If this were a perfect world you should be mentioned with Wyckoff Elliot and company I've read thier work and you are much better stay well and thankyou

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Al, wanted to sincerely thank you for your instructive insights of the market that you have given us and you know have shared openly with us the market strategy and its view!

I wish you all the best and every success and health!
Thank you for all your webinars !!

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
I wish you all the very best, Thank you for all!

Hi Al:
When do you come to China this year? Please let me know. I hope I can help to arrange your trip. Really thank you for your teaching. Wish you the best.

Hi Al,
I wish you the very best of health. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the markets with us.
Kindest regards,


I have been with you almost from the beginning of the site, back when you had just one book "Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar". I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found your teachings. I can never repay you for the gift of knowledge you have given me.

What you have done to deconstruct and describe how to read price action, I think is amazing. From the beginning, I always marveled at how detailed your read is and your dedication to putting that read into words. Maybe it was your medical background that gave you the understanding and drive to not only learn about something, but to log it in a way that others can learn from later.

Al, I am almost half your age so I am not nearly as wise as you when it comes to life experiences. However, I have learned that family is very important. Please consider taking more time for yourself and family and "smelling the roses and looking at flowers" as you have said you like to do. I hope you get well soon.

Thank you for everything.
Take care,

Al, thank you very much for your teaching. You are a wonderful teacher. The Best. I am sure that after this period you will have more energy and strenght. Why? Because you are very positive and strong. All the best. Thanks again Al.

Subject:  Re: Messages for Al
Hey there Al,
I hope you feel better! I hope getting better each day for you will be like a strong trend...
Get better on the close of each day...
Get better on the open each day...
Get better for any reason each day...

I thank you for all the work you have put into what has turned out to be an excellent education for your students. I have bought all the books (hard copy & ebook versions), the videos and been in the room. If you decide to put more videos out, I will get those also. It is ALL top notch material!

Hang in there, best of luck to you.
~~Jason W.

Dear Al,
I have been following you and learning from you since your very first article in Futures Magazine those many years ago. I have read every article, every book, attended or watched all of your webinars, and have visited this site and your other sites daily since their inception. I feel a kindred connection with you, as I feel we have a lot in common. I am a doctor (PhD in the sciences not an MD) but after 10 yrs as a biomedical research scientist, I stopped my career to take care of my two children. I know that sort of thing is more common with women than men, but I am a man, happily married and simply doing what I needed to do at that time and felt was most important in my life -just like you did. I have been trading now for 17yrs and always wondered why it took me almost 10yrs to become a consistently profitable trader. I was always good with risk control, but it took me many years, just like you, to become profitable and not just break even. I trade for a living now. I am several decades younger than you, but as an accomplished, high IQ overachiever like you, you have been an inspiration to me and a mentor, even though we have never met. I think my writing to you is long overdue and I just want you to know that I am deeply grateful for all your years of hard work on price action and sharing your knowledge.
From a student to a teacher I just want to say: THANK YOU
Whatever health issue you are facing, I sincerely wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

Chris S.

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