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Subject:  Update on Webinar and Al (4-19 update)
Al's Status
As many of you are aware, Al has mentioned in the webinar that he is dealing with a medical issue that will have some long-term effects. This, on top of everything else he is doing, is leaving him more tired at the end of the day. At this point there is very little information to share other than that. If more information becomes available it will be updated on this post.

What is Changing?
Nothing is changing right now other than that Al has said he may need to take a few extra days off here and there. We had already been discussing this with him for a number of months. Al has been talking about traveling more and sometimes, like when he was in China, the trading hours were too extreme for him to stay awake through the whole session. Al is continuing to work on updating the Brooks Trading Course so this is also taking a lot of his time and energy.

Trading Days Per Month
Since day one, we have always contracted with Al on a month-to-month basis. Everyone should understand that Al is free to end his contract with us at the end of any month. I don't expect this to happen abruptly because Al really enjoys doing the webinars, but sometimes life's circumstances warrant a change. That being said, Al has requested that he have the option of cutting back his trading days in the webinar to a minimum of 15 days per month. He said he still hopes to be able be here at least 20 trading days per month, but that he can't necessarily guarantee it. The price of the webinar will not be changing if Al trades fewer days. In six years we have never had a price increase, so any cut back in days can be considered a nominal per-day price increase for that month. Our goal has always been to provide a fair and valuable deal for the members of the BPA website, and I think we are still providing that. When Al does stop doing the webinars (not even Al can do this forever!), my hope is that this website, and all the information it contains, will continue on and carry forward the legacy of Al's style of price action trading.

Stay Focused
What Al has stressed to me is that he wants everyone to stay focused on their trading and not on him. Al still loves doing the webinars and helping people understand price action trading. He hopes that everyone will continue to find the webinars valuable and that you will take advantage of every day that you are here.

Let's Respect Al's Privacy
Please do not contact Al directly and ask him for additional information; we want to respect his privacy. If there is something to share and he wants to share it, he will. Questions regarding the webinar can be asked below on this thread.

Messages for Al
Would you like to leave a positive message for Al? You can do that on this thread:


Last edited by BPAAdmin on Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:30 am; edited 1 time in total
Al had a medical procedure on Monday and he sent us a message last night saying it went as well as could be expected.

He will get home today and plans to be back to trading Wednesday morning.

Good news!


Happy to Hear!

Excellent news.

Fantastic News! Thank you for keeping us all updated

My best wishes for a speedy, full recovery!!

Happy to hear the good news.
Having surgery on Monday back to trade on Wednesday .Who can do that Except Al .

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