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The Questions box will be turned on around the market close (4:00pm ET)
. and will be left open for 5 minutes or until we get 5 questions.
. Until that time, it won't be visible.

Questions need to be kept short (50 words or less) and
. are limited to one per person

Al cannot discuss specific trades or win-loss ratios without being at risk
. of regulatory action by the National Futures Association.

Questions need to be kept short and limited to one per person. Please, no multi-part questions.

You can ask for detailed information on setups, but not on specific trades.

The Questions box is found in your GoToWebinar Control Panel

If you don't see the GoTo Control Panel,
and you only see what is in the green box,
click the little orange arrow to expand it.
This is what the window will look like
BEFORE we turn on the Questions box:
Image 3167

If the Questions box is on but minimized it
will look like this. You have to click on the
little [+] symbol on the left to expand it.
(Where this example shows a [-])
Image 3168

Here is the Questions window expanded:
Image 3169

You can also drag the window away from
the control panel and undock it, like this:
Image 3170
Brooks Price ActionBrooks Price ActionQuestions during Al's webinar...

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