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#1:  bar id Author: patrader Post You have posted in this forum: Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:58 pm

may i make a suggestion on how to improve the identification of the bars that you reference in your charts.each day on the 5 minute charts there are 81 bars in a rth day.starting with the first bar being bar number 1 and ending with the last bar being bar number 81.why not make the number that you put on the charts and reference the distance from the start of the day.for example: if your first comments are on bar number three than label and refer to bar number three.if your second comments refer to bar 10 than label it bar 10 and refer to it and so forth.this way anyone looking at a 5 minute chart will always know which bar you are exactly referring to just by counting from the left (start) of the day.somtimes in your book and in this forum it is not clear which bars exactly you are referring to because the label overlaps two bars.thanks for all your help.

#2:  Re: bar id Author: chulaihuey Post You have posted in this forum: Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:01 am

I had some questions (being new), and did some research to answer them. Just thought I'd add them here in case anyone else had the same questions:
  • RTH: Regular Trading Hours (Open Outcry in the CME pit)
  • Those hours are: 0930 to 1615 Eastern time zone
  • Time open: 6 hours 45 minutes, or 81 5 minute bars
Brooks Price ActionBrooks Price Actionbar id

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