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Subject:  Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2016
From Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:00 am to Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:59 am (inclusive)
Al will be speaking at the Las Vegas Trader's Expo Nov 17 at 8 am.

Workshop topic title: Subtle, but important types of support and resistance

Description of the workshop topic: Al Brooks will discuss very important types of support and resistance that most traders do not know exist. There are many price action tricks that traders use to scalp while waiting for a swing trade to set up. Al will talk about setups, entries, and trade management, including scaling into trades.

You can use this forum to coordinate any connections with other traders.


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Subject: Great ! Re: Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2016
I will be attending. Flying in from Nashville, TN the 16th, and out the 17th. Looking forward to the talk and hopefully meeting Al.

I bought the course in Jan 2015, and have been actively trading on and off with the webinar since April 2015. Finally feel like I am getting consistency in the past few weeks, but I still have some big lessons to learn, mainly taking losses and knowing when that should happen instinctively. My main strategy has been betting on gap closure, which seems to eventually happen everywhere but the strongest trends. I also need to see the other side of the market since I am usually missing out on the biggest gains by trading counter-trend.

Before buying the course I was searching endlessly for a real mentor, and finding Al was surreal. I am so grateful he exists and is willing to share his time and talents.

Carey Reynolds

I agree. I went to see Al in LV 2014 and he was so kind to autograph my book2 for me. That book (TR) made the difference in my trading and having his autograph on the first page means a lot to me. I think you will have fun and see that meeting Al in person is worth the trip since he has such positive energy. I was planning to go this year but family responsibilities is keeping me.

Subject:  Re: Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2016
Thanks for sharing your experience. I have used the course as my main education tool as the books were tough to visualize compared to the video presentations. I bought Reversals in hardback though so I can get him to sign it. :)

That is very interesting! I have seen everyone buys Reversals first, but in fact the first book (Trends) and the second one (Trading Ranges) contain the most important topics, in my opinion, because every reversal is first a TR and once a trend is under way it's hard to ignore it. Also, about 70% of days (ES) is a type of TR.

Besides, book 1 talks about a very important concept: day structure, or types of days, towards the end of the book. It is very important in that it gives you vision and control over your read during the day. I recommend spending some time to read the three books in the correct order, couple of times because there are a ton of details that are not as much discussed in the video course. When reading something you see it and can mark or highlight it but the same thing might be missed in passing in a video.

I hear you on the challenging read that it really is, but you will get used to it after a couple of hundred pages and will speed up. I used to draw what was discussed in the book on paper while reading to see what Al is talking about. For me it was a slow read behind the desk. :)

Just my two cents, you know. Everyone is different.

Will there be a video recording of the speek or the slides available for us? Thanks.

We can probably make the slides available, but we often don't know if it will be recorded until they show up with the camera.

The video is available in Youtube: https://youtu.be/VFvwLmTZml8

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