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Welcome to Al Brooks' trading website. This site is run by a community of traders that follow Al's price action trading methods. We have recently negotiated with Al for a daily webinar at a very reasonable price. I hope you will consider joining. Check out the link to the right.

You can move around the website by using the Board Navigation menu to the left. (You must register to have full functionality) See the Forums for the most recent updates. Al receives lots of emails and cannot answer them all. Check the Trading FAQ for answers to the most common trading questions. To learn about how Al trades, start with the Trading Articles on the left. For help with registering and getting around on this website check out the Board FAQ.
I am Al Brooks, MD, and I daytrade E-mini futures, stocks, options, Forex markets, crude oil, and gold for a living.

Although I consider myself to be a trading hermit because I trade in a quiet, simple room and do not allow any interruptions, I enjoy sharing my ideas:
                         As a technical analysis contributor to Futures Magazine
                         As a presenter at in-person events, like the Traders Expo
                         In webinars
                         In blog videos
                         In my videos of live market commentary
                         In daily chart analysis updates.
My first price action trading book, Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar, was a best seller for Wiley. Although authors of trading books make little money from the books, I personally loved trying to articulate what I see and do every day. Wiley has since released my comprehensive, 540,000 word, three volume set:

(click on the books for more information)

One of the most important reasons for providing real-time analysis about price action trading every day is that I am learning how better to express in words what I have been doing instinctively for years, and I find it satisfying to get better at articulating what I am doing. I wrote the first book in about a month with the goal of simply writing a book as a project. My goal is now different and I wrote the follow-up series of books in a way that is much easier for readers and much more helpful to traders. Speaking every day has helped me a great deal as have all of the comments I have received from readers of the book and attendees in the daily webinars.

I have since released the Brooks Trading Course, which is 53 videos (27 hours long) and has the latest information on price action trading. Although I personally do better with videos than books, they cover the same material, but are organized differently. The books have more words and the videos have many more charts, and the most of the charts are newer. I have had many emails from people who have both and everyone has preferred the videos, but I think it is a personal matter. Also, I created the videos two years after the books and I believe that I developed ways to more clearly explain many of the concepts.

To get a better idea about whether you might find the video trading course helpful, you should look at some of the Sample Videos.

I feel as if all of this is a group project and we share the common goal of having resources available (videos, books, and articles) on price action trading that are comprehensive and relatively easy to understand. I am very happy with how the videos and books have turned out. I told Wiley that I want the books to be in a larger format, about 7.5 by 9 inches, and that all of the commentary about a chart has to be immediately beneath the chart. They have again put all of the charts on their website in a format that will allow readers to zoom in as needed.

With my three daughters now on their own (after graduating from Berkeley, Yale, University of Michigan Law School, Stanford Law School, and Harvard Business School!), I have had the time necessary to undertake these projects, and the books have given me something fulfilling to do with my now much more open schedule. These videos and books provide a very detailed analysis of how markets work and how to trade them, and I think that they will help traders learn how to trade profitably. Every tick on every chart is important and sometimes even the smallest movements portend large swings. There are buyers and sellers above and below every bar, and the key to successful trading is knowing when one side is likely stronger. The edge is always going to be small in trading because there are smart people who believe the exact opposite of you. However, by understanding price action trading, traders can find many examples on every chart, whether it is an intraday or daily chart, where there is a mathematical advantage to buying or selling. I enjoy sharing my experience, and hope that others might find it helpful.

While I find it entertaining to post here and I enjoy helping other traders learn how to trade, I may not continue it indefinitely. The members of the site have contracted with me to provide a daily webinar on a month-to-month basis. See this thread for more details on the history of this website. I enjoy writing and in addition to the trading book and articles, I have published about 30 scientific articles during my days as an ophthalmologist.
by Al Brooks
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